Michael Jai White

The 52 year old actor, director, writer, producer and martial artist (he knows 8 different art forms!) was the first African American to portray a major comic book superhero in a major motion picture, having starred as Al Simmons, the titular character in the 1997 film Spawn.

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Kevin Peter Hall

Day 12: 29 Days of Blackness We may all remember Kevin Peter Hall for his contribution to the movie industry without actually recognizing his face. However, his larger than life size (7’4″) is unforgettable. He went toe to toe with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Glover as the menacing creature in the first two films in…

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Brother Man: Dictator of Discipline

Day 2 : 29 Days of Blackness My earliest memory of seeing a Black super hero was finding the Brother Man: Dictator of Discipline comic on the book shelf in an Afrocentric store in Queens, NY. The art style was vastly different than what I was familiar with from the two big publishers. It seemed…

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