Black Love

Black Love

Day 14: 29 Days of Blackness

Since it’s Valentines Day, we’re celebrating black love. Like our complexion, our love varies. Whether it’s the snarky, well meaning type seen in The Jeffersons or the fun loving type from to many more. Here are just some our picks for memorable couples. What was one of your most memorable black love moment in pop culture?

Here are our most memorable couples:


Thanks to my parents’ VHS tape, my first introduction to black couples in love was seeing Eddie Anderson & Ethel Waters in Cabin in the Sky.

  • Darius & Nia – Love Jones
  • Dwayne & Whitley – A Different World
  • Martin & Gina – Martin
  • Cliff & Claire – The Cosby Show
  • Andre & Rainbow – Blackish


  • Andre & Rainbow – Blackish
  • Uncle Phil & Aunt Viv (Guess which one) – Fresh Prince of Bel Air


The first time I remember seeing a black couple in love was probably in Purlie Victorious with Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee.

Other notable couples:

  • T’Challa and Ororo – Black Panther And Storm
  • Scooter and Khadijah – Living Single