Day 11: 29 Days of Blackness

Black was originally published by Black Mask Studios in 2016 as a 6 issue series. It was written and created by Kwanza Osajyefo and Tim Smith 3.

I originally copped it as a trade at NYCC. After giving it a shot I became immediately engrossed in the story. Part of that was due to the fact that the story opened up in Brooklyn. Another reason was the protagonist had the same name as me.

The story starts with Officer Waters describing a series of events that resulted in the killing of 3 unarmed black males. While their bodies were being transported, one of them, Kareem, comes back to life with superpowers. He flees from the transport into a world of super powered beings, conspiracies, and a rewriting of the motives behind historical events.

What set Black apart from other comics featuring black superheroes to me was the bold premise: a world where all the super powered beings were black and that fact was kept hidden from the public. I saw all types of potential stories in this world based on the premise alone. Clearly so did the creators because a number of topics were weaved into the storyline at various points.

Black was an enjoyable series even if it was imperfect. The world it created for future characters and stories is why I’m giving it a nod here.

Find out more about Black & Black Maskt Studios on their website.