A Nod to Action Jackson

Day 3: 29 Days of Blackness “Who you tryna be, Action Jackson?” I have to give a nod to the old school movie Action Jackson due to Carl Weathers. He’s in one of my favorite shows right now, the Mandalorian, but he’s been around for a long time. He’s been in a lot of hits,…

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Brother Man: Dictator of Discipline

Day 2 : 29 Days of Blackness My earliest memory of seeing a Black super hero was finding the Brother Man: Dictator of Discipline comic on the book shelf in an Afrocentric store in Queens, NY. The art style was vastly different than what I was familiar with from the two big publishers. It seemed…

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29 Days of Blackness

During this Black History Month (also known as February) we will be celebrating the many (known and not so well known) contributions we have made to pop culture for #TheCulture. Representation is everything. When was the first time you saw yourself in art?

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