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Behind The Pen With Da Vyrus

We spoke with the super talented graphic designer, Ozzy Oz Da Vyrus, about his career, getting into anime, as well as his upcoming manga series – addixtion48. Check out...

Holy Ghost

We discuss the third episode of Lovecraft Country. We also debate which Hokage would survive in a horror film 🙂

Chadwick Boseman: Rest In Power

We were all shocked by the recent passing of Chadwick Boseman. We discussed how important he and the characters he played were to Black America. Mr. Boseman will be...

Whitey On The Moon

We continue our trek through Lovecraft Country in our review of episode 2.

Sundown: Lovecraft Country, Episode 1

Kay is our greenbook guide as we navigate through the first episode of HBO’s adaptation of Matt Ruff’s novel – Lovecraft Country. New recap episodes every Monday afternoon!

What Is Your 5 Minute Power?

AMC is tempting movie goers with a $0.15 movie tickets? Would you risk exposure to Covid-19 to go see a movie? Is Mulan worth the $30 price tag to watch...

Conventions & Comics In The Covid Era

During this episode, we spoke with the Joe, the owner of Awesome Minis & Autographs, to take a deeper dive into the comic book & convention industry. How has...

A Warrior Nun & A Beastman Walk Into A Bar…

Netflix released Warrior Nun & BNA (Brand New Animal) this past weekend. Both shows provide a good source of action, intrigue and some poignant views on religion. We’ll let...

Episode 16: Da 5 Bloods & Sony’s PS5